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Miley Cyrus Wannabe Ke$ha Flashes Her Derriere Via Instagram... Yet Again

She is known for her racy often scandalous style either when performing or at red carpet events.
But it seems that Ke$ha is now indulging in her penchant for sharing risque shots on her Instagram accounts a little too often.
Just a week after sharing some worryingly lasvicious shots literally exposing her bare bottom and cleavage the 26-year-old was at it again on Sunday with new posts on her Instagram account.

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In the first image the Tik Tok singer was lent against a wall with her back arched and bare bottom half exposed giving a tantalising glimpse of her black thong.
The Californian singer captioned the photograph, 'It's going down. I'm yelling #timber'
The blonde extrovert wore her hair tied up into a tight ponytail and was perfectly made-up for the staged shots with plenty of smoky dark eye make up ensuring that she smouldered for the impromptu photo session.

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Whilst the singer had some clothing on in the form of a tight white T-shirt, a red and white gingham shirt and a rather random pair of socks, the clothing seemed to be ornamental as opposed to actually having much purpose in covering her up.
Ke$ha wore the shirt tied tightly around her waist and almost tucked into her lacy thong panties meaning her bottom was exposed which was no doubt the objective.
In the other picture posted on the singer's Instagram account she is staring seductively into the lens as she poses this time offering a frontal view of her 'outfit'.
The singer clearly took the opportunity in this photograph to expose her ample bosom which was barely covered by the flimsy white T-shirt which she rolled up and flashed some underboob.

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The purpose of the photographs was unknown with the one caption she included having little bearing to the image but it seems that the 26-year-old is following the trend of her peers such as Miley Cyrus and Rihanna to post provocative and risque photographs in a bid to gain attention from their fans and the media.
Asides from her attention seeking antics Ke$ha is busy with her actual career - music - and is currently touring the United States before she moves onto Australia and then Asia.
The star also has her hand in a new fashion venture, designing a line of jewelry called the Ke$ha Rose by Charles Albert collection, which launched in the U.S. on August 1.


I don't think she's copying Jew-hating Miley. She's been doing this her entire career.

Also, Don't forget to purchase Timber, available now on iTunes and other major digital music retailers!!
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