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this show continues to be a mess

much more pleasant to look at

We got to chat with the Teen Wolf crew (behaved ourselves the whole time) and got the scoop on season 3B and more.

Linden Ashby talked to us about Papa Stilinkski, the no longer out of the loop Sheriff on the show:

Now that the Sheriff knows about the supernatural element in Beacon Hills, he’ll have a new set of eyes to go back to look at old cases.

There may be hope for Mama McCall/Papa Stilinski shippers. Linden was tight lipped but gave us a “maaaaaaaybe.” He also mentioned it again in relating to Agent McCall being back in the picture using the phrase “when the ex is back in the picture.” THERE’S HOPE!

We’ll learn exactly how Mrs. Stilinski died. “It’s a pretty key story element.”

The Sheriff will be getting a new deputy to work with.

On his relationship with Scott changing “It makes our relationship better. I can’t just look at him as this knuckleheaded kid who hangs out with Stiles.”

Jeff Davis talked about the upcoming story arcs:

He’s pretty happy about getting a slight break and going back to 12 episodes for next season. And then maybe do 24 again for a 5th season.

He’s excited to add new female character Kira (Arden Cho) – who just happens to be a kitsune.

Davis wanted to tackle the kitsune myth after watching kung fu theater on television as a kid. ...kay

3.16 will be an important Danny episode. DANNY!!!!!! We’ll be getting more of the twins as well but not for long as they’re off to do an HBO pilot. REALLY THOUGH

Season 3B picks up only a few weeks later because they really wanted to do a Halloween episode. It will be a two-parter. 3.15 will be Mischief Night. 3.16 will be Halloween. And they both will feature new monsters. this is all I really care about tbh

Jeff Davis is well aware that Derek is a tortured soul. But after taking him to the lowest of the low this past year “this is the season where we raise him to be a hero.”

Dylan O’Brien we only got for a minute. And he spent most of it eating a pretzel and talking about early days and how he would never have believed Teen Wolf would have made it to season 4. But he was hilarious and adorable so we forgive.
the cast is too good for Jeff Davis
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