It's a Britney Megapost, Bitch!


Britney called in Saturday Night Online to talk about the new album and its title, Celine Dion, and being such an icon!

Britney also tweeted about her upcoming promo trip in England and confirmed her appearance on BBC 1 Radio!

  1. UK!! I'm so excited to come visit London next week! Looking forward to seeing a few of my favorite peeps :)

  2. And if that wasn't enough - @britneyspears will be LIVE in the studio next Wednesday! <3

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UPDATE: Part of Britney's UK promo schedule got leaked today! Seems like we have a lot of interviews to look forward to..


Britney taking over the elevators in Planet Hollywood...


Then leaving the dance studio today..


And also dont forget that Britney will be on Alan Carr this Saturday!

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Cant wait for Britishney!