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Geoffrey Rush features in stunning new ‘The Book Thief’ movie poster

By Marama Whyte

A stunning new post for The Book Thief movie captures the relationship between Liesel and Hans Hubermann against a fiery backdrop.

Against a backdrop of burning books and signs of oppression, a little girl holds on to her adopted father for comfort.

The newest poster for The Book Thief movie shows just that, focusing on the beautiful relationship between Liesel (Sophie Nélisse) and Hans Hubermann (Geoffrey Rush).

The poster features the tagline “Courage Beyond Words”, which was also seen on the first movie poster for The Book Thief.

Click image for larger size.

It is encouraging that the filmmakers have chosen to focus on Liesel and her relationships, particularly as actress Sophie Nélisse is a relative newcomer.

Marketing the book to film adaptation certainly would have been easier if Rush was the primary focus. However, this really is Liesel’s story, and the filmmakers seem dedicated to this fact.

It was recently revealed that stage veteran Roger Allam would be adding his talents to The Book Thief. Allam will voice the unique narrator found in Markus Zusak’s original bestselling novel.

The Book Thief stars Emily Watson, alongside Rush and Nélisse. The film is directed by Brian Percival (Downtown Abbey), and is scored by 5-time Academy Award Winner John Williams.

The film tells the story of Liesel, who is sent to a foster family in Germany during World War II. When her family decides to takes in and hide a Jewish fighter, all of their lives change forever.

The Book Thief is set for release on November 15, 2013 in the United States.

Thanks, IMDb.

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