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Pokemon XY features the lowest number of new Pokemon in the franchise's history (spoilers!)

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, the latest pair of games from the mega-popular franchise, will make history this Saturday as they both will be launched simultaneously around the world. Unfortunately, the games will also make history for allegedly featuring the lowest number of new Pokemon ever. Early copies of the games were reportedly sold early in some parts of Canada and Italy, breaking the street date. The few lucky fans who got their hands on the games have since completely most of the game's storyline, and it was revealed that there were only 69 new Pokemon. It should be noted that this number excludes the new Mega Pokemon, which are basically just super forms of a small group of Pokemon from the past games. This number may increase a bit, provided that there are event-only Pokemon that will be distributed via Wi-Fi or in store downloads at a later time.

Below is a list to give you a perspective at just how low the number is when compared to the previous games:

Generation 1 - 151
Generation 2 - 100
Generation 3 - 135
Generation 4 - 107
Generation 5 - 156
Generation 6 - 69

Despite the disappointingly low amount of new Pokemon, the games feature the biggest regional Pokedex to date. The games will allow players to catch many Pokemon from the previous generations early in the game, which will give players a wider selection of Pokemon to choose from. In fact, the regional Pokedex features so many Pokemon, at a whopping 450, that the game designers have had to include 3 Pokedex's for players to track them all.

Below are all the Pokemon discovered so far.

Not going to lie. I was so heartbroken when I found out about this. I always looked forward to the new Pokemon games to learn about the new Pokemon from the new region. As a big fan of the games since the original Red/Blue, this is very upsetting. However, I will still buy the game (Pokemon X!) and enjoy the heck out of it. Perhaps they can release new Pokemon via DLC?

ONTD: Which generation is your favorite in terms of Pokemon designs?

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