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Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) lands another role + BBC2 preview with The Thirteenth Tale

Sophie Turner, 17, will join Hailee Steinfeld, 16, in Kyle Newman‘s action comedy “Barely Lethal,” according to Deadline. The John D’Arci-scripted film is also set to star Jessica Alba and Samuel L. Jackson.

“Barely Lethal” centers on Megan (Steinfeld), a teenage girl who was raised in a boarding school that trains children to become assassins. In an attempt for a normal adolescent life, Megan fakes her own death, moves to a small town and enrolls in a regular high school. But her former employer (Jackson) won’t just let her get away, so he hires Turner’s character as an undercover agent to enroll in the same school to retrieve her. Megan’s past life may also seek her again when a villain named Victoria Knox (Alba) poses a threat.

Turner is best known to audiences for her role as Sansa Stark on HBO’s “Game Of Thrones”. However, like many other small screen up and comers, she is slowly making the leap from television to film. She makes her feature film debut this year in Isabel Coixet’s supernatural thriller “Another Me,” opposite Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Rhys Ifans. The film is set to debut at the Rome Film Festival in November.

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