Joe Jonas to rehab or creative differences?!!?

Joe Jonas has been rumored to be in LA, and now evidence has surfaced. This pic is said to be before Joe went to the airport to fly to LA with Papa Jonas, hence Marcus, Nick & co. in the picture. Nick is in New York City and Kevin is in New Jersey. This all happened today after the Jonas Brothers announced the cancellation of their tour due to 'There is a deep rift within the band.'

From Celeste: 'Idk who this girl was but she kept hugging joe like she wasn’t ever going to see him again right before joe left with papa j in a different car then nick and kevin' Do YOU think the deep rift in the band is that Joe is headed to rehab?

my friend sent me this, which her friends, who realllly know their jonas shit sent her: Well Jonas knows that randomly havng a bitchfight during a comeback will make them lose fans so i doubt it's that. it might be but i think joe going to rehab has a higher probability. joe, nick, and kevin were all supposed to go to nyc today. now joe is back in la and their first show was in albany, ny. joe was originally scheduled to fly out to nyc like kevin and nick but they apparently switched their flght last night. also, there have been rumours about joe doing drugs and alcohol excessively but everyone has just dismissed them as rumours. they need to make an announcement either way but if he is in rehab, it's more understandable that they might want to take their time with how to word it.

Tumblr witness/photo source