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G-A-Y Owner Jeremy Joseph Praises Madonna + Mariah For NOT Being Divas!

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This may come as a surprise to many, but Madonna is not the diva everyone thinks she is.

Neither is Mariah Carey, known as the the Queen of Divaness, mostly due to her crazy and outrageous backstage demands.

This is according to Jeremy Joseph, the boss of London nightclub G-A-Y, who's had dealings with both of them.

Talking to Digital Spy he spoke about the time both ladies played at the venue and said they were both behaved in a very professional manner.

He said: "Someone like Madonna, the team around her are phenomenal. Everyone's got a role to play and they just get on with it. It runs so smoothly.

"I think anyone who plays G-A-Y does it because they're a certain type of person and they're not this OTT diva."

He also said Mariah Carey was "easygoing and lovely" and definitely didn't demand puppies and air humidifiers in her dressing room, as some reports have suggested in the past.

He explained: "I remember at the time the press ringing me up on the Monday going, 'What did she ask for?' I was like, 'Well nothing. Just towels and water.'

"You could hear the disappointment in their voices, because she's not what they would expect."

G-A-Y is based in the Heaven club near Charing Cross station, where it moved five years ago from the London Astoria, its original venue.

Stars from Kylie to The Spice Girls to Cher to Take That to the late Amy Winehouse have graced its stage and this year, the club celebrates its 20th anniversary.

And to mark the milestone, Joseph has compiled G-A-Y The Album, which is released on Monday and features the best of the artists who have played there in the last two decades.

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