Taylor Momsen Maxim Magazine

She may be only 20 years old, but Taylor Momsen, the ridiculously hot front woman of the Pretty Reckless, has already accomplished more than most of us lazy bums could imagine. She starred as Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas, enjoyed a four-season stint on Gossip Girl, toured the world with Marilyn Manson, and was selected as the face of Madonna's fashion line. Now with the release of her band's second album, Going to Hell, and their current tour, she clearly has her sights set on becoming a bona fide music star. Gentlemen, prepare to get rocked.

How was the shoot?
It went great! We shot at the Ace Hotel in New York, and I brought my guitar. It has a rock n' roll vibe, which is a bit different for Maxim.

Do you have a lot of input in your photo shoots and music videos?
I'm very involved in anything to do with creative, and I actually co-directed the video for "My Medicine". I like to blend music with image, and at my age sexuality is a big part of that, so it seems fitting to me.

You started the Pretty Reckless while you were on Gossip Girl. Were you worried you wouldn't be taken seriously as a musician?
I've been making music since I can remember, and a few years ago I got to a place where I have a band and could quit acting, that was my day job, I was 12 when I signed on to Gossip GIrl, and since then I've had two records, toured with Guns n' Roses... I mean, it feels like a different world.

Are your fans a weird mix of teenage girls and heavy metal dudes?
It's definitely a combination. We have old rockers who've never heard of Gossip Girl as well as parents bringing their kids, and then going, 'Oh, just kidding. We're leaving'. We've literally had parents call the cops during our shows reporting that it's inappropriate for their child.

Maybe they confused you with a different Taylor. What's the craziest thing that's happened on tour?
Most of the stories probably shouldn't get printed! But somehow a tradition started where female fans jump on stage and strip down to our song "Goin' Down". I think is began in the States with girls taking their tops off, and by the time we got to Argentina they just got fucking naked.

Your own outfits are pretty provocative. What makes you feel the sexiest?
It's less about what I'm wearing and more about feeling powerful while performing. That gets my blood flowing.

Are your parents ever in the audience?

Yeah, but I kind of put them in the back so I don't have to see them! It's hard to play in front of family, but they're very supportive.

Were you always into rock?
I just like good songs. My dad has a huge vinyl collection, so I grew up with the Beatles, Zeppelin, and the Who. It's like they say: Once you listen to great music, how can you listen to shitty music?

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