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This Is A Shark Fassy (a.k.a. Michael Fassbender) Megapost, ONTD!

Michael Fassbender Admits Wanting To Get An Oscar Nomination For His Roles In "12 Years A Slave" Or "The Counselor"

Michael Fassbender has admitted he is hoping to be nominated for an Oscar for one of his latest roles.

The 36-year-old German-Irish actor is tipped for a nod for his performances in The Counselor and 12 Years A Slave and reportedly told Sky News it would be the "icing on the cake" if he was recognised by the Academy.

The actor plays a brutal slave owner in 12 Years A Slave, and stars as a lawyer who gets caught up in organised crime in The Counselor. Both are expected to be big films during the next awards season.

Michael said: "I don't have a litmus test for the darkest role, I just like the script and story. I don't know why this is happening. It might be time to do a comedy."

The star was previously nominated for BAFTA and Golden Globe awards for the film Shame.


Michael Fassbender's Role In "12 Years A Slave" Described As "Engaging And Terrifying" By Co-Star Chiwetel Eijofor

Chiwetel Ejiofor has praised Michael Fassbender for striking the right balance in his latest film. The historical drama tells the true story of Solomon Northup, played by Chiwetel, a free black man who is abducted and sold into slavery. Michael portrays plantation owner Edwin Epps, who treats the slaves in inhumane ways.

"I think Epps has no framework for dealing with Solomon as a human being. Yet Solomon, just in his way of being, demands acknowledgment as a human. It's a point of confusion for Epps. And I think that's why he tries to destroy whatever that thing is in Solomon that is so free and alive," Chiwetel explained to Flicks and Bits.

"Michael found something so extraordinary and specific in how to embrace this character as a whole. He doesn't just play Epps as a mean guy - it would be easy just to be mean - but he plays him as someone who is suffering within himself, who considers the world to be kind of against him, and tries to right that by lashing out at the things that he thinks he owns, people like Solomon and the other slaves on his plantation. Michael gave Epps a rounded quality that is equal parts engaging and terrifying."


Michael Fassbender Talks About His Evil Racist Rapist Slave Master Role In "12 Years A Slave"

What's love got to do with it? Everything, according to Michael Fassbender, who plays a handsome yet hideous plantation owner who sleeps with one of his servants in Steve McQueen’s Oscar-bound drama, "12 Years A Slave."

Fassbender sat down with Yahoo Movies at the Toronto International Film Festival to talk about his villainous role in "Slave," the harrowing fact-based story of a free black man from the North (Chiwetel Ejiofor) abducted and sold into slavery in the antebellum South. (Warning: minor spoilers ahead.)

Michael, you play Edwin Epps, a married slave owner that brutalizes Chiwetel Ejiofor's Solomon Northup and sexually assaults Patsey, played by Lupita Nyong'o. Epps is one mean, evil Southern plantation master – or is he?

Well, I don't understand the word "evil". For me to go away and formulate an evil character: I wouldn’t know how to do that. That word doesn’t give me any help. But somebody who's in love with a black slave, him being a plantation owner, somebody who's not the sharpest tool in the box, who's perhaps married above his station in society. Now, those are things I can work with. Those are things that can unravel a character.

Then, of course, his actions are violent. And why is that? It goes back to the fact that he is, well, especially his violence towards Patsey, it’s because he loves her, and he doesn't know what to do with that information.

He doesn't understand how that is, and so he sets about destroying her. Perhaps by destroying her, he will quash these feelings of love that he has for her. But, of course, it does the opposite. It just intensifies them. And that is something interesting that I can work with. That is something that brings a real serious conflict within the character.

The intensity of Epps' racist behavior is truly shocking. Was it hard to get under that skin?

We're dealing with a time when black people are slaves, so that's the reality of the world that everyone’s living in. Slavery was all to do with the economy. Solomon starts off in a logging farm, and then he goes on to work in the cotton field, and then he goes on to work in a sugar cane farm, so you see the economy, the industry of the slave market in America. So that's just intrinsic in the way things are.

But what's chilling about the movie is the way that societal prejudice runs deeper than the economy. What bothers your character, you seem to be saying, is that Epps has these feelings that are racist, and yet he has passionate feelings for a black woman…

He loves her. That's the problem. Racism didn't even exist. It wasn't a time when people understood [that term], it was just a norm. We see the normality of life as a slave, which is totally abnormal. We're sitting here and looking back at history and going, well, that's total racism, but at the time, it was the norm. If you're black and you strike your master or somebody above your station that's white, you’re going to suffer the consequences. That's the norm. And, then for Solomon when he comes to Epps' plantation, it’s the unpredictability within that world that is more terrifying.


Michael Fassbender Flattered To Be Considered Sexier Than Hugh Jackman

Michael Fassbender is flattered to have been named the eighth sexiest male movie star worldwide.

The actor was honoured to have made the top ten in a recent Empire Online poll of the 100 Sexiest Movie Stars, and especially to have placed ahead of resident Hollywood heartthrobs Hugh Jackman, who ranked ninth, and Bradley Cooper, who came tenth.

According to E! News, he laughed: "They're wonderful guys and very handsome, so thank you for packaging me together with them."

Michael was beaten by British star Benedict Cumberbatch, who came first, followed by Tom Hiddleston and Henry Cavill.

Ryan Gosling took fourth place, with Robert Downey Jr. in fifth, Chris Hemsworth in sixth, and Robert Pattinson in seventh.


Michael Fassbender Admits Fliming Sex Scenes With Penelope Cruz For "The Counselor" Was Awkward

Actor Michael Fassbender felt awkward sharing steamy scenes with Penelope Cruz in “The Counselor” because her husband also stars in the movie.

The “Prometheus” star admits it was uncomfortable shooting sex scenes with the Spanish beauty in Ridley Scott’s upcoming thriller because Javier Bardem was present on set.

Fassbender tells the BBC, “Those scenes are always kind of awkward to be honest so it’s not a threat to Javier, I’m sure he is very comfortable with his marriage.

He adds: "Sex scenes are always awkward, to be honest, whatever anyone thinks of them outside of the film game. It's just awkward really, so you just want to make sure that the person you're acting with is comfortable and doesn't feel like you're taking advantage in anyway. You know, I've got huge respect for both Penelope and Javier. So it's really just about doing your job."

Fuck yassssssssssss shark Fassy boo! <3

That shiny golden Oscar will be yours soon, Fassy love. SOON.


UN ) ( DEUX ) ( TROIS ) ( QUATRE ) ( CINQ )
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