Did Demi Lovato and Ruby Rose hook up?

Australian radio station NovaFM reports that local DJ Ruby Rose, 27, made a curious tweet that got people scratching heads, suggesting that she had been bedfellows - literally - with former Disney star Demi Lovato, 21...

(The tweet has since been deleted from her account.)

Later on, some drama erupted on Rose's Instagram account and she reportedly said in the comments:

She was referring to a recent nude photo scandal, in which compromising snaps of Lovato were leaked to the public, purportedly by a female lover.

Rose then took it all back and posted this rather calm message on Twitter to her followers:

All the comments in question have been deleted from her Instagram account.

And the final word, in which the Aussie celeb insinuates that the Instagram comment that's been doing the rounds does not contain the full story:

All has been very quiet from Camp Lovato while all of this has been going on, though, so there may be even more to the story than we think!

A quick Google search of the two stars' names reveals a tweet from October 2011 in which Rose wrote, "On a plus side I met Demi Lovato today at lunch and she is just magnificent"… But it's been deleted from her account.