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Britney Spears Backed Out Of G-A-Y TWICE!!

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Britney Spears has backed out of appearing on stage at G-A-Y twice, Jeremy Joseph has revealed.

The famous London club has played host to performances from Madonna, Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga, but Spears has yet to take to the stage.

Britney has never performed at G-A-Y and one day we're hoping it'll be third time lucky," Joseph told Digital Spy.

"The first time was with 'Toxic', but on the Tuesday morning she wasn't feeling well and so her mom flew her home."

"The second time I was talking to her tour manager. She didn't have a show to bring over, but they said if we could think of something really fun to do, they they could get her to the club.

"However, they were like, 'You cannot advertise it. No-one can know.' So we said we'd do a Britney night, but won't advertise she'd be there."

Joseph explained that the booking somehow got leaked to the press and that Spears's team said it would be unlikely the planned appearance in 2008 would go ahead.

"The idea was to get five Britney Spears drag queens from different outfits in her career. I'd go on stage and tell the crowd if we all pray she might come on," Joseph recalled.

"The drag queens would all come out one by one and then finally Britney was going to walk on and I'd go, 'Oh my God, you're the worst out of all of them', and she'd slap me around the face.

"Because it leaked to the papers we issued a statement saying she would not be there, but people didn't believe us so it was packed.

On that night the whole dance floor was packed waiting for Britney, but she wasn't going to be there.

"Then at midnight I get a phone call saying, 'She's changed her mind, she'll be there in five minutes. We're on our way.'

"So Britney arrived and I cleared the stage. Her security went on stage - which her true fans recognized - and then she goes, 'I can't go on'.

"I had to literally walk on stage and go, 'Yes, Britney's in the building, but she's not coming on'. It was just the worst night of my life. I felt so gutted. There were thousands of people just looking at me and hating me."

However, Joseph insisted that he would love Britney Spears to perform at G-A-Y in the future.

To celebrate the brand's 20th anniversary Joseph has compiled G-A-Y The Album, which will be released in the UK on October 7 and includes tracks by Madonna, Katy Perry and the Spice Girls.


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