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The 30 Best Boy Band Songs

There should be a chapter on boy bands in every Sex Ed textbook. For many pre-teen girls (and boys), the boy band provided an important first foray into the wild world of hormones. Some boy band members are teenagers, others could be teenagers' fathers. Yet individual members of their underage fan bases can each find something "sexy" in each individual boy band member: the rebel, the teen dream boat, the emo one, the ugly one.

But there is much more than fantasy to the prescribed functionality of the boy band. As the personalities take their shape, leaders emerge, and sometimes, these teeny-bopper bait-traps end up yielding a solo star who wins a more mature audience—the "Beyoncé" of the group, someone who's able to shed the skin of their choreographed-dance-sequence past and go onto greater things. Ricky Martin, Bobby Brown, Justin Timberlake attest.

The former NSync'er Timberlake is about to deliver the sequel to this year's colossal The 20/20 Experience album with The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2. In honor of JT's glorious history, Complex revisits some of the biggest hits from boy bands dating back to the '80s up until now. So grab your neon shoelaces and puff paint t-shirts and revisit some modern classics. The 30 Best Boy Band Songs. No I.D. required.

5. Take That "Back For Good" (1995)

We all know "Back For Good" was a beautiful sort-of acoustic song that made us realize the wonder that is Robbie Williams. The song was a delightful harmonizing and shift in melodies from each member of Take That. It totally didn't sound like the product of a boy band, but it was. But there's also nothing quite like the video for Take That's hit single, because nothing says true romance like watching a bunch of Brits getting caught in the rain in a black and white video. It was like an old-timey love story.

4. New Edition "Candy Girl" (1983)

Before Bell Biv DeVoe didn't trust a big butt and smile and before Bobby Brown was scaring everybody, we had "Candy Girl" from all of them plus Ralph Tresvant—this was New Edition. The song was beyond adorable as their high-pitched little voices sang innocently about how sweet the object of their affection was. Awwww. Let's completely forget what any member of the group looked like or sounded like as an adult and focus in on exactly how they looked/sounded here: the quintessential "boy" band.

3. New Kids On The Block "You Got It (The Right Stuff)" (1988)

New Kids On The Block seemed to pop up out of nowhere with their matching ripped denim and Boston attitude. Their entry into pop music was potent, with "You Got It (The Right Stuff)" leading the charge for their big takeover. While NKOTB never fully articulated what the "right stuff" entailed, it didn't really matter because you felt like you had it. With Jordan's unbreakable falsetto and Donnie Wahlberg's sort-of-strainey sort-of-awesome voice, these heart throbs could've convinced anyone they came equipped with the right stuff. Once again, whatever that means.

2. Backstreet Boys "I Want It That Way" (1998)

Here's a song by the Backstreet Boys where Brian Littrell and Nick Carter weren't the only voices heard. The group had many hits, maost of them carried by just a few members of the band. On "I Want It That Way," each member got a chance to strut their stuff. While the quintet traded verses about heartache and mistakes, they were really just telling you that you were never allowed to break up with any of them. Ever. Shout out to the tax-writeoff of a verse from Kevin Richardson and the video that took place in the middle of an airport. However did they make it through security?

1. N Sync "Bye Bye Bye" (2000)

By the time N Sync released this track, it was well established that the group was boy band royalty. They could've been lazy with their next release. But nope, they brought the noise as well as they ever had. What makes "Bye Bye Bye" so awesome though? Well it's simple, really. All this time we thought JC Chasez was the unofficial leader of N Sync. But when the second album come around and leads-off with this single, we realize it's actually Justin Timberlake's turn now. Maybe this was JT's song bidding the group farewell? Like, "Sorry, I gotta go take over the world." Bye Bye Bye.

sorry, i loved both bsb and nsync but IWITW should've been number 1

the rest @ source

your fave boy band songs ontd?
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