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Busty glamor model to go from LLL to a Q cup after raising $23k in donations from fans


Busty glamour model Lacey Wildd has raised $23,000 in donations from fans to take her size triple-L breasts up to Q cup.

The 45-year-old, mother-of-six, from Miami, Florida, told the Sun Sentinel that the operation, her thirteenth in total, is set for early 2014.

Plastic surgeons will insert implants weighing a total of 42pounds into her chest, seeing her claim title to the largest augmented breasts in the world.

Currently the top spot is held by Maxi Mounds, who wears a U.S. size 42M bra.

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Ms Wildd said that she is ‘nervous’ about her surgery, paid for by internet donations, as medical experts have repeatedly warned her it’s not safe.

Her chest is already so heavy at 21pounds, that she had to have an internal bra made of pigskin and her own muscle implanted into her torso.

But the bubbly blonde insists that her ambition to increase the size of her breasts is actually for her children's welfare.

‘I want to leave a legacy to my children,' says Ms Wildd, who has six children ranging in age from six to 29, plus a 25-year-old stepson.

‘My goal was never to be famous. My goal was to be able to take care of them, to be able to support them.’

She said growing up she was one of six children, and her mother was so poor they couldn’t afford a house with electricity or running water.

‘I want to provide for my kids and pay for a college education, so they have opportunities I didn't have,’ Ms Wildd previously said.

With the additional TV appearances, film work and subscriptions to her website, laceywildd.net, she says her income has ‘quadrupled' since 2012 and she plans on retiring in three years time.

However, Ms Wildd’s children, four of which still live at home, say that her looks have seen them face cyber-bullying and teasing at school.

Her daughter Tori Glynn, 18, who appeared with her on MTV's True Life, said: ‘She is kind of like too much, and she's not taking into consideration that this is your project, this is your thing and not all of ours.’

Tori and her siblings are also concerned about their mother’s health, and fear bigger implants will cause terrible side-effects such as stretching, tearing, or even an infection that might kill her.

Tori previously said: 'I don't want my mom to have her boobs made any bigger.

'I think she isn't really thinking about our opinions. What if she dies? Is she taking that into consideration?

'Does she really care that her kids could be left alone?'

Despite her children's concerns, Ms Wildd, real name Paula Simonds, is determined to have the procedure - which will take her closer towards her goal of becoming the world's biggest breasted model.

'It will increase my fame and earning power considerably. I want to make the most of this opportunity, to give my kids a good lifestyle.'

She has already made sacrifices due to her breast size: she can no longer exercise or even pick up her youngest daughter.

She is forced to sleep on her side hugging a pillow because the weight of the implants is too heavy on her chest and she cannot have mammograms, instead having to rely on sonograms.

Growing up in Illinois, Ms Wildd used to be a thin, brunette waitress and became a mother of two in her late teens.

'I wasn't making as much money as the blonde girls with the big boobs. I had two kids to take care of on my own,' she Ms Wildd who has worked as a tattoo artist, a veterinarian assistant and a marketer.

Using money from waiting on tables, ma Wildd saved up money for her first implant, and at 21, she expanded from an A cup to a D.

'That was the day that changed my life. It gave me a lot more confidence. The way people noticed me. People wanted to be around me. I turned myself into a Barbie,' she told the newspaper.

She eventually moved to Las Vegas, where she worked as a showgirl and continued developing her figure.

At 26, she plumped up to a double D cup and three years later, she became a triple D and had six more operations to expand her breast size.

At 24 she increased to a K cup and last year, she ballooned to an L cup.

The surgery-addicted model, says she prepares her skin before implants to avoid the risks of rupturing, and take every care to avoid dangerous infections.

Along with breast augmentations, Ms Wildd has also had two tummy tucks, four full body liposuctions, ab sculpting, lip implants, bottom implants and two bottom lifts.

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Alberto Gallerani, based in Miami, previously warned that Ms Wildd may be suffering from body dysmorphic disorder and should not have further breast implants.

'The skin around her breasts is already extremely thin, and it would be too dangerous for her to undergo more surgery,' he said.

‘I would advise she reconsider and seek help for her surgery obsession.'

But Ms Wildd insists next year’s operation will be her last one.

She told the Sun Sentinel: "My major goal is to actually retire the boobs. I never really wanted to be known for my boobs, I guess my boobs made me famous.

‘I know a lot of people worry that I am hurting myself or my kids. I promise you, I am not.’

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