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Ryan Tedder confirms Adele is currently recording a new album; Beyonce's will be "mind-blowing"

Adele is finally getting to work on the third album and according to her pal, Ryan Tedder, she’s is sounding as amazing as ever.

The record-breaking singer has gone through a lot of life-changing things since her mega smash album, 21, began its world domination of the charts.

She’s found love with her boyfriend Simon Konecki and they welcomed their baby boy, Angelo, into the world last year so we bet Adele has lots to sing about in the new album.

OneRepublic front man Ryan revealed that he’s been working with Adele and co-writing tracks for the 21 follow-up and it’s all going pretty well.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, he said: "Adele sounds even better than before. I love where she's at. She's still my favourite artist in the world.

"I would press pause on my entire life if it meant I could go into the studio for a month straight with her."

Ooo that’s some pretty big praise right? We can’t help but wonder what the theme of Adele’s album will be because she’s definitely not the heart-broken woman who wrote Someone Like You anymore.

Either way, if Ryan says she’s better than before then we’re inclined to believe him.

And if that wasn't exciting enough, he also gave a little hint about Beyonce’s upcoming album adding: "And Beyoncé's album will be mind-blowing."

I am so beyond ready for a new Adele album. The girls better stock up on the wig glue while it's still cheap or just shave their heads bald before hand.

And the only mind-blowing thing about Beyonce's album at this point will be actually hearing it.

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