Madonna Harper’s Bazaar Cover Revealed [November 2013 issue]

#secretprojectrevolution maverick Madonna, Queen of Everything, graces the glossy cover of Harper’s Bazaar this November.

Though she’s been teasing the photo shoot for months on Instagram, this is the first time we’ve actually gotten a glimpse of the real deal.

A picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, many of those words are “YASSSS, MADONNA! YOU LOOK SO GOOD! OH MY GOD, YASSSSS!” She looks like the baddest boss bitch in town. But then, doesn’t she always?

The cover story will undoubtedly focus on Madge’s newly founded Art For Freedom project, which encourages up-and-coming artists to flaunt their politically-minded creative works in the name of freedom, as well as her successful Hard Candy Fitness franchise across the world. She’ll probably toss in a reference to Kabbalah at some point, some probable kale talk and, hopefully, maybe even some music. (Who knows? Perhaps she’ll even share her thoughts on Cher too.)

All hail the Queen.


wow fierce.