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Kate Upon Covers Sports Illustrated Again—With Clothes (Sorry, Fellas)

Color us shocked, but Kate Upton actually managed to keep her clothes on. (OP NOTE: wow that was rude)

After braving the cold climes of Antarctica to nab the coveted honor of being the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model for the second year in a row earlier this year, the blonde stunner is back on the front of the sports weekly.

Only this time she's wearing an Atlanta Braves uniform and striking an All-American girl pose with the team's aptly named sibling stars, B.J. and Justin Upton, as part of the magazine's baseball playoff preview.

Talk about a triple play!

Before you go thinking she's a Braves fan, the 21-year-old Upton actually hails from Michigan (and at one time was rumored to be dating Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander).

Instead of doing the "Cat Daddy", perhaps we'll be seeing her do the Tomahawk Chop?

That's rather unlikely, though the model does have sports in the blood.

Her mom, Shelley, was a former Texas state tennis champion and Upton competed as a young equestrian at the national level. She's presumably also getting some free ballroom dancing lessons from her former DWTS pro boyfriend Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Either way, putting Kate on the cover if you're the folks at SI is an automatic home run.


Tags: models, photo shoot, sports / athletes - baseball
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