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‘Breaking Bad’: Vince Gilligan Shares 5 Alternate Endings

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No. 1: Walter White goes Rambo

The writers of “Breaking Bad” gave Walter White his M60 before they knew who it would kill.

Vince Gilligan says in the final “Breaking Bad Insider” podcast that he and his team had no idea, when they gave Walt the machine gun at the start of the final season, that he would eventually motorize it mow down Neo Nazis. They didn’t even know the show would have Neo Nazis.

It was a classic case of the “Breaking Bad” writers writing themselves into a corner and trying to find a way out. They created Uncle Jack’s gang in part because they needed villains worthy of a massacre, Gilligan said.

“We went through every possibility in the book,” he said. “You’re planting a flag at that point… We were saying you know what? An M60 machine gun, Rambo’s machine gun, something cool has to happen with that. We’ll figure it out later.”

As he has done since the start of the podcast, Gilligan gave fans a remarkable look inside his team’s writing process – and the potential endings they tossed out. Fans will want to listen to the podcast in its entirety, but here are some of the rejected ideas:

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