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Katy Perry: The World's Best Pop Star

Katy Perry iTunes Festival review

After a month-long series of gigs at London's Roundhouse, it was Katy Perry who had the honor of closing this year's iTunes Festival.

We're only three weeks away from the US star's anticipated new album Prism, so excited fans were packed into the venue for a show of new material and classic hits alike.

Breezing onto the stage wrapped in a white sheet, Perry soared through her new '90s-tinged house track 'Walking On Air', complete with wind machine and gutsy vocals. From the off we were entertained with a classic Perry spectacle, only this time around there were less giant lollipops and bucket-loads more attitude.

'California Gurls' morphed into 'Teenage Dream' as fans bounced around to the pop gems, while the backdrop swirled with hypnotic prisms as a nod to Katy's new era. Urban stomp was firmly delivered on a prowling rendition of new track 'Dark Horse', as Perry strutted the stage and snap-posed perfectly to the beat, revealing more star quality than the Hubble Space Telescope.

The singer's breakout hit 'I Kissed A Girl' was transformed into a rumbling rock number, with a monstrous electric guitar solo and plenty of hair-flipping. However, among all of the extravagance, Katy took a moment to strip back the theatrics and brought out Greg Wells to accompany her at the piano.

A rendition of brand new ballad 'By the Grace of God' poignantly highlighted the emotional investment she puts into her songwriting, as well as giving her a chance to really prove her worth in a live setting. Her vocals were stronger than ever as she flitted between beautifully wispy, vulnerable notes and a full-bodied modal voice.

'Wide Awake' enchanted the audience with a confetti-heavy magic trick, while the set was rounded off with a ramped-up version of fan favorite 'Firework' and a pumped-up performance of 'Roar'. Katy proved she has a mean left hook during the latter, and can certainly fight her way to the top.

Katy Perry's biggest charm of all though is the fact that she just wants to be a very very good popstar. There's no holier-than-thou message, off-kilter experimentalism or self-indulgence, just hit after hit after future hit. And it's for this very reason that Katy Perry is fast becoming the world's very best popstar right now.


ღღ Don't forget to pre-order PRISM's deluxe edition from itunes ღღ
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