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Ed Sheeran says Harry Styles ‘does not drink’ when in America


EXCLUSIVE: Ed Sheeran claims that One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles is a well behaved boy when abroad.

Although 19-year-old Styles might party up a storm with friends like DJ Nick Grimshaw, 29 and model Cara Delevingne, 21, when he is in London, he doesn’t touch a drop when in the US.

‘Harry Styles doesn’t drink in America. He’s 19, isn’t he?’ 22-year-old Sheeran told Guilty Pleasures backstage at Unity – A concert for murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence on Sunday.

‘If I’m being totally honest I’ve never seen him drink in America and that’s not me being politically correct. He’s come round my flat and I’ve had a Corona and he’s had a diet coke,’ he went on, appreciating Styles doesn’t meet the legal limit of 21 to drink Stateside.

‘I drank a lot in America and I’m having a teetotal rest of the year,’ Sheeran added, boasting to being out til 4am the night before the concert celebrating a friends’ birthday.

Having spent the best part of the year touring and recording in America, the Small Bump singer is now gearing up to release his second album in the new year.

‘Rick Rubin is doing the record I think. And I did one track with Pharrell that was really cool,’ he said, citing two major producers he has worked with for the new record.

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