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Rebel Wilson embraces her figure in a standout T-shirt featuring a giant 3D feline print


She's known to push boundaries in comedy.

And Rebel Wilson also loves to do so when it comes to her fashion sense.

The 27-year-old smiled from ear-to-ear as she took a stroll in New York on Monday.

The confident actress donned a unique style of her own in a blue blazer, an oversized T-shirt featuring a giant cat print and red plaid leggings.

In addition to her punk-style bottoms, she also sported a pair of black spike ballet flats.

With her blonde locks styled in loose waves and her visage made-up in minimal make-up, Rebel was simply glowing.


The actress and comedian was possibly running around the town promoting her new television show Super Fun Night, which premieres October 2nd on ABC.

The Bridesmaids star’s self-penned comedy revolves around three nerdy female friends on a mission to have ‘super fun’ every Friday night.

The series hits the US on October 2nd, but some critics have already lined up to slate it ahead of it’s first proper run.

Based on the pilot, Matt Webb Mitovich of TVLine.com said the show, from executive producer Conan O'Brien, fell 'wide of the mark.’

Rebel is determined that her signature brand of outrageous comedy will be a success though, recently telling Hunger magazine that she won’t be putting a halt to the ‘fat jokes’ anytime soon:

‘As long as I look like this I'm going to make fat jokes. All comedians have to use their physicality, so I use my size.’

‘Before, it was all glamorous types like Kate Hudson who served as, like, the female equivalent of a ‘straight man,’ she added of changing attitudes in Hollywood. ‘Now it’s turning, and it’s really good.’

Rebel has admitted that she based her new show around experiences she and her sister would have on what they used to call their 'Friday Night Fun Nights.'

The sitcom follows Rebel's character Kimmie and her two pals who try and break free of their weekly night in ritual.

On Monday morning producer tweeted this photograph of her arriving to New York. Rebel has plans to stay in the city for one week, to promote the premiere of her television show.

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