Iggy Azalea on Miley twerking -- "She probably watched my videos and decided to try it."

Azalea stands at the forefront of social-media savvy hip-hop stars. She's massively popular online -- if you add up her followers on Twitter, Vine and Instagram, it's more people than the population of Dallas, Texas. All of this Internet exposure has created a wave of Azalea admirers and imitators, including twerk-obsessed Miley Cyrus. "I've been doing that onstage for two-and-a-half years," Azalea says of Cyrus' recent forays into the ass-grinding dance craze. "She probably fucking watched my videos online and decided to try it."

In fact, it's probably Azalea's twerking that landed her an opening act slot on Beyoncé's 16-date "Mrs. Carter Show" tour of Australia and New Zealand that kicks off this month. Back in June, Azalea headlined NYC's Bowery Ballroom, and wowed Queen B's team, who were in the audience. During Azalea's ass-happy song "Cheeks," she challenged her backup dancers to a twerk-off. Of course, every cellphone camera in the room captured the insanity, and the twerk heard 'round the world went viral. "People just wanna see my butt," Azalea says with a shrug. "We'd been doing that dance-off at the shows, but no one put it online. At the Bowery, they did."

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