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iPhone, iPad users report iOS 7-related nausea

Some people have complained of headaches, dizziness and motion sickness after using the updated operating system, and they say the zooming animation is to blame.


You may be sick of trying to figure out how to navigate your phone after Apple's iOS 7 update, but some of its new bells and whistles are actually making some people ill.

Disgruntled iPhone and iPad users have taken to the company's forums to gripe about the software's features.

"The zoom animations everywhere on the new iOS 7 are literally making me nauseous and giving me a headache," one user wrote. "It's exactly how I used to get car sick if I tried to read in the car."

Others chimed in, saying that looking at the apps when they zoom in and out is making them dizzy, hurting their eyes, and causing headaches and motion sickness.

"I had severe vertigo the minute I started using my iPad with iOS 7," another user wrote on the support forum. "Lost the rest of the day to it... And not happy at all."

The fake 3D parallax effect, which causes the background and icons to shift with the movement of the device, was another criticized addition. Users also complained about the juxtaposition of the thin black text against the bright white background.

You can turn off the parallax feature. Go to "Settings," and then "General" and "Accessibility," and turn on "Reduce Motion."

However, there is no option to disable the zooming animation.

As of now, there is no Apple-sanctioned way to downgrade your device's operating system. People said they went so far as to buy a new iPhone 4, 4S or 5 that had an older version of iOS installed on it.

Apple did not immediately respond to the Daily News' request for comment.

Virgin Mobile to offer iPhone 5c, 5s on October 1


Virgin Mobile will begin selling the iPhone 5c and 5s starting October 1—the earliest the company has ever begun sales during an iPhone’s product cycle.

The company made its announcement on Friday, just a week after the phones went on sale at major wireless carriers, and just three months after Virgin began selling the iPhone 5. Similarly, the company didn’t begin offering the iPhone 4 and 4s until June of 2012, just as the 5 was getting ready to market.

Virgin Mobile’s earlier arrival during this iPhone generation may signal changes to the pre-paid wireless market. In both of the previous years, the company followed Cricket in offering the phones with pre-paid plans—by just a month in 2012, but by a full nine months for the iPhone 5. So far, Cricket parent company Leap Wireless has been quiet about its plans.

Additionally, the iPhone 5c and 5s will also go on sale October 1 for two regional carriers, Mississippi-based C Spire and Wisconsin-based Cellcom.

Virgin offers three plans for the iPhone: $35 per month for 300 talk minutes, $45 per month for 1200 talk minutes, and $55 a month for unlimited talk time. All plans come with unlimited messaging and data, and Virgin even drops the monthly price by another $5 if you set up auto-pay.

Though Virgin didn’t say Friday how much it will sell the new phones for, the company has sold previous versions at subsidy-free prices—the iPhone 5, for example, still sells for $550 on the Virgin Mobile site.



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