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Rihanna booed after starting Adelaide concert 1 hour and 20 minutes late

MUSIC fans have vented their anger on social media after US singer Rihanna took to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre stage a full hour and twenty minutes late last night. The Barbadian singer was due on stage at 9pm after flying in from Perth where she was 40 minutes late for her show there on Tuesday.

She finally appeared an hour and twenty minutes late and when the lights finally went down, instead of cheers, there was booing.

And while the superstar singer remarked that it had taken her a long, long time to get back to Australia, there was no explanation or apology for her tardy arrival.

“Adelaide what the f***...I’m finally here...and I now remember how crazy my Australian fans are,” she said.

In her absence, fans became increasingly frustrated and took to social media sites such as Twitter to vent their anger and frustration.

“Not impressed with Rihanna at all,” leahmac677 wrote on Twitter. “Left concert without seeing her and she was over an hour and a half late,” she wrote.

Another tweeter, Tessa Mortiz, wrote; “Thanks for a disappointing show last night... as if Adelaide doesn’t suck enough already. #igotdressedforthat #late”.

As the minutes ticked by the large crowd made its own fun, engaging in a dance off and trying to pull off a Mexican wave - but it seemed nothing could bring Rihanna to the stage.

And then when the singer’s absence surpassed an hour the spirited crowd decided if you can’t beat them, join them — the masses started jumping from their seats turning the planned pop concert into a dance concert.

Men stripped off their shirts, women gyrated and all laughed along as the action started to be beamed into the big screens — and still Rihanna was nowhere to be seen.

When she finally took to stage, Rihanna did her best to make up for lost time.

While the first half-hour of the set was peppered with her less well known songs, her pumping dance moves and stage presence bolstered the crowd before she moved into some of her most-loved hits, rewarding her patient fans who had waited oh so long.

And at least some fans appreciated the effort.

“Yes I was disgruntled at her lateness but she made up for it in her performance, I thought she was awesome and really enjoyed the concert,” show-goer Karen Wilson wrote today on The Advertiser’s Facebook page .

But plagued by poor reviews, taking to the stage late and rumours of performing drunk on stage in Perth the pint sized singer appeared disinterested in reversing her good girl gone bad image for her second show of the 2013 Aussie tour.

But forget about her, hats off to Adelaide, you sure know how to party — even when the main event lets you down.

And yes, like her album Unapologetic, she did not apologise for her delay.

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