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Five Things to Know About Teen Wolf's Arden Cho

Calling all Teen Wolf fans!

As you may have heard,Teen Wolf is introducing a new character, Kira, to the show when it returns in January, and we got to chat with the lucky girl who landed the role, Arden Cho. After speaking with Arden we learned that she's not only a talented actress, but she also has a few other tricks up her sleeve! Here are 5 things you need to know about Arden now:

5: Before diving into the acting world, Arden attended University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign and earned a degree in psychology. "In psychology you study people's personalities and how people are. And as an actor you're jumping into somebody's body to become that person," she says. "I think having a psychology background along with my acting studies has helped me understand characters better."

4: She may not call herself a "pageant girl," but she was Miss Korea Chicago in 2004! "That was something I fell into really randomly," Arden admits. "I'm the type of girl that never wore dresses and make-up, I don't even wear heels. It was something my friends always joked about and when the opportunity presented itself I was like, 'Why not if I can show a different side?'"

3: On top of being crowned Miss Korea Chicago, she has also modeled for quite a few brands. "I've done the Clinique campaign in Asia and I had no idea it'd be so big," she says. "I auditioned and booked the iPhone commercial for Korea--it was the first time the iPhone was released there I believe." She also modeled for Nike in Japan and Reebok in Korea.

2: As if Arden's resumé isn't impressive enough, she's also a singer-songwriter. "Before I booked this show I was focusing more on music," she revealed. "For actors it's really scary to always be auditioning and never have a job that's guaranteed. In the meantime I was doing a lot of singing and writing and pushing my creative side. It made me happier as a person and it helps with the whole audition process too." (Arden's debut EP, My True Happy, is available on iTunes.)

1: All of Arden's hard work has led her to Kira on Teen Wolf. "I can't really share much in detail," she says. "She's the new girl at school, and I think it's really exciting for people to see what progresses in her storyline." Filming is taking place right now for her Teen Wolf debut in January. "Everyone's really supportive of one another. I'm coming to a show as the new kid and I'm fairly new to the whole game so I'm learning a lot."

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