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Ed Sheeran says Taylor's cat Queen Meredith Swift is a diva

O-M-G! Taylor Swift's cat Meredith is a total diva. M had the chance to hang out with Taylor's tourmate Ed Sheeran and guess what Ed had to say? He totally called out Taylor's cat Meredith for being a brat!

"Meredith doesn't like anyone," Ed exclusively dishes to M. "There's moments when she doesn't even like Taylor. She's just a very ungrateful cat."

Meredith is totally living the life with Taylor as her mommy. She gets to go on tour, live in a big house, and of course, listen to Taylor when she's writing a new song. So what about Meredith is so ungrateful? "She just expects it to come to her and if it doesn't then she'll just glare at you."

So would Ed classify Meredith as a diva? "Yeah, but I think [because] Taylor isn't a diva, I think someone in that camp needs to be a diva," Ed says. "So Meredith fits that quite well."

Click through the gallery below to see pics of Meredith Swift being acting like the queen of everything!


Pet Post!? Is your pet also a Diva?
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