10 things picked up from the live Drake interview at Skirball

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Drake’s two-hour interview with Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson was not, like we predicted, a clusterfuck. Instead it was a filmed event in Skirball with one of pop’s biggest stars, his feelings, and a bunch of whoops from the audience. (“Take off your shirt!” the girl behind us screamed repeatedly.) It wasn’t hardhitting journalism, but Wilson’s questions were probing enough that Drake opened up about his personal life, his family relationships, his artistic process, and a few zingers that he just couldn’t hold back. Here are ten things we picked up:

10. The old feelings are gone. “You’re probably missing that feeling back in college when you were dating that girl,” Drake said, “and you got that Drake mixtape before anyone else heard of me. I can’t give back that moment in your life.” So that’s why So Far Gone is—well, y’know.

9. Drake let us know that Ghostface Killah is aware that Big Ghost exists. Someone just won something. And also Wu-Tang is okay with “Wu-Tang Forever.” (LOL shit just got real)

8. Gallatin freshmen have a lot of disposable income and zero common sense.

7. Like all Nice Jewish Boys, Drake has a thing about moms—he stopped the interview to distribute out champagne to a lovely mom-looking woman in the front row. Twice. And Drake opened up about “Too Much,” where he lamented his relationship with his mom. (She wasn’t happy about that song, even as Aubrey desperately wants her approval.)

6. Maybe an audience Q&A with one of pop’s most attractive artists (and thirstiest fans) wasn’t such a great idea? Or maybe it was a GREAT idea.

5. Drake is diplomatic until he talks too much. He angled around Kendrick’s “Control” contro-verse-y until Wilson prodded too much, and then he had to lay in a little barb. If we all love that verse so much, Drake asked, could we tell him how it starts? And are we still listening to it? (Cue Wilson laugh.) He made a little zing at Miley, was careful to be respectful toward Wayne, Nicki, Jay and Bey, and was very polite to the stans in the stands.

4. Wilson brought in a rare interview with Drake’s producer, Noah “40″ Shebib. The fast-talking twitchy producer explained the workflow—whether it’s totally true or not, the two act like a dynamic duo singlehandedly making million-selling pop albums. (Also, 40 is doing okay. Yay!)

3. Drake hates Twitter and loves being productive. “Twitter isn’t real. That’s a terrible medium to exist in. You can indulge in it, but don’t live your life by that code.” He still loves it—he’s lurking all the time.

2. Expect Drake in movies (maybe) and interpolating a Lil Boosie song on the new Justin Timberlake album (definitely).

1. Drake loves his fans, hates his haters, loves the competition, doesn’t care about young upstarts, loves unpredictability, hates labels (the genre kind), hates “classic” “legendary” “GOAT,” and is basically like every other successful artist talking about success, and trying to argue themselves back into hunger.

watch interview here

He also mentioned an upcoming oollab with the wu and the video for Hold on we're going home is dropping this week! MORE IMPORTANTLY NOTHING WAS THE SAME COMES OUT TOMORROW!!!! SET YOUR ALARMS GO GET THE CHAMPAGNE READY!!!!