Emmys 2013: Netflix wins only once, but respect earned is priceless

Not so fast, Netflix.

Despite an influx of online streaming series into leading categories for Sunday night’s Primetime Emmy Awards, only one nominee took home a win.

“House of Cards” director David Fincher landed the award for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, beating out cable counterparts “Boardwalk Empire,” Breaking Bad,” “Downton Abbey” and “Homeland.”

The win was the first for an online streaming series in one of the premiere categories.

But that was all. No other wins for Fincher’s Netflix-aired political drama, which premiered all at once (13 episodes) on Feb. 1.

“House of Cards” stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright were each denied in the Outstanding Lead Actor and Actress in a Drama categories, respectively.

And Jason Bateman was left in the cold after being nominated for best actor in a comedy for “Arrested Development.” The former Fox series was revived on Netflix for a fourth season and was also released in its entirety on Aug. 7.

But for series airing exclusively online, the wins and losses might not matter quite as much this year.

Just getting in the same room as “real” television’s top shows, and being mentioned in the same breath is unprecedented.

There have been online nominees before, but never in the major categories. Last year's "Web Therapy" and "30 Rock: The Webisodes" were nominated in a short-format category.

And, really, winning anything at all should gain some respect for the video distributor. Perhaps other high-quality programs will transition to the online format.

More nominations are likely next year, when the critically-acclaimed “Orange is the New Black” will be up for awards.

So overall, despite the lack of new mantelpieces, Netflix seems to have made the splash it desired.

And here’s a telling sign that this new entertainment vehicle has arrived: When “Breaking Bad” director Vince Gilligan came up with his cast to accept the award for best drama, he said he thought the award would go to “House of Cards.” Then he mentioned the other nominees …