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Diva is a complicated word. Secretly, we all know that it’s really a stand-in for another word often used to describe powerful women who take no prisoners, and must have things their way. But there’s something about the way Mariah Carey gets her diva on that makes it look so ridiculously fun. Divas come and go, but Ms. Mimi -- and the glittery, fabulous world she inhabits -- is a pop culture staple. Here are just a few reasons why nobody will ever be able to out-diva Mariah.

Dislocated Shoulders Can’t Stop Her Diva

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A little while back Mariah dislocated her shoulder on the set of a video. Rather than cancel some of her upcoming appearances, she started rocking these insane blinged-out, feather-clad arm slings everywhere because that’s what divas do.

Sometimes She Gets Married At Disneyland

Only Mariah would hit up Disneyland after-hours for a vow renewal ceremony like no other. This year she and hubby Nick Cannon celebrated five years of wedded bliss (and the second birthdays of their adorable twins) with a wedding at the happiest place on Earth.

Even Her Instagram Account Is Blinged Out.

Have you ever just scrolled through someone’s Instagram photos without really paying attention, and still been blinded by all the diamond necklaces, butterfly rings, and studded stilettos? No? Then you haven’t been to @mariahcarey before.

She Was The Best Thing To Happen To Her Husband’s Show

Mariah recently made a guest appearance on her husband’s MTV show Wild ‘N Out, and shut the whole thing down. During a skit in which Nick was supposed to hit on another woman, Mrs. Cannon came on the scene and totally stole the show. The moment was epic, her tube top was epic, and the whole thing was hilarious.

Her Christmas Comes But Twice A Year

Winter Snowstorm Nemo might have gotten some folks down, but not The Diva. She literally used the storm as an excuse to celebrate Christmas in February. When she shared this video on Twitter, some folks thought she’d kind of lost it (we all remember the post-Glitter meltdown), but in reality this is just a true diva gone wild. Not everyone can get away with these kind of antics, but it’s Mimi’s world and we need to learn how to live in it.