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(5 of) TV's 22 "Smartest" People on Their Favorite Shows

From 'The Daily Show' to 'House of Cards,' TV’s creators, writers and stars on their favorite shows

'The Good Wife,' by 'Parks and Recreation' Star Adam Scott
You know how on The West Wing, you wished you were as smart as those people? I get the same joy from watching The Good Wife.

'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' by 'Orange Is the New Black' Star Natasha Lyonne
Larry David makes me feel a whole lot better about pretending to know how to function in the world. As a neurotic Jewish New York actress, I get myself into a lot of Curb Your Enthusiasm situations. It's like, "I just totally took your parking spot and you are clearly in a wheelchair." Curb makes me feel there's a language for that.

'Bad Girls Club,' by 'Parks and Recreation' Star Aubrey Plaza
The tackiest show I watch – and I'm not ashamed – is Bad Girls Club on Oxygen. It's brilliant! They get a bunch of badass bitches, put them in a house together and tell them the only rule is that they can't punch each other in the face or they get kicked out. And every episode, without fail, someone gets punched in the face. It's a weird social experiment where all the girls are trying to be the alpha bitch, so they're all provoking each other and trying to get another girl to punch them in the face. Some of them have strategies and align themselves with other girls to fuck over someone else. It's a good way to understand how society works.

'The Walking Dead,' by 'Once Upon a Time' Star Ginnifer Goodwin
The Walking Dead is really about who we are at our base level. The last two episodes, I was a bawling mess on my couch over two characters who are not supposed to be the most warm, fuzzy or innocent. It's the same reaction I had reading Lolita, where I was like, "I cannot believe that you have made me sympathize with Humbert Humbert."

'Scandal,' by 'Parks and Recreation' Star Aziz Ansari
It's the 24 of dramas. I went through a huge binge watch a few weeks ago with my little brother and my little cousins. Kerry Washington is Olivia Pope, the coolest D.C. fixer. I want to do a crossover episode with Parks and Rec. It would be fantastic: Leslie Knope is going through some big things in Pawnee and my character, Tom Haverford, is like, "I have a friend who can help." "Leslie Knope, Olivia Pope. Let's handle this." Done.

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