A Humbled Tom Hiddleston Says He Isn't Sure Why His Portrayal Of Loki Is Such A Huge Fan Favorite

Tom Hiddleston has been talking about his Marvel character Loki, and he's revealed that he's not quite sure why he's so popular.

The popular English thespian has helped turn Thor's detestable brother into one of the most popular modern film characters in recent memory, so much so that fans have even petitioned for him to be given his own spin-off movie.

Hiddleston was asked by Collider if he had any idea that Loki would prove to be so popular, to which he responded, "I had no idea, whatsoever, honestly. I knew I had a gift of a role, when I signed up to play Loki for Kenneth Branagh."

He even made comparisons to various Shakespearean characters, noting that Thor and Loki "are both born princes who are wrestling with an authoritarian father, and are both finding their own ways of rebelling against him."

Hiddleston is still unsure why Loki is so loved though. "In terms of the affection that he's held in by audiences and by fans," he remarked, "It is incredibly surprising and really, deeply humbling. I'm so proud."

He continued, "I never dreamed that I would ever create a character that was so loved, or whatever he is. I'm not quite sure whether he's loved, but people are fascinated by him. They seem to enjoy his existence. It's cool."

'The Avengers' actor revealed that it was Marvel producer Kevin Feige's idea for Loki to appear in character at this year's Comic-Con, but that the duo then developed the performance together.

Hiddleston commented when quizzed on his appearance in San Diego, "It was a combination of myself and Kevin Feige. He pitched it to me and I said, 'Okay, here's how it should go down.' And then, we built it from there."

He added that he adored appearing before his fans and that even he was surprised by their fervid response.

"Comic-Con was very cool. It was an amazing experience," Hiddleston declared. "It probably seems like some kind of fait accompli, but when I was standing in the wings, I didn't know the crowd was going to respond like that."

He then added, "I thought I might get something, but I didn't know that they were going to start saying my name, before I told them to. It was really, really fun. It was more fun than should be allowed."

Who do you prefer, Loki or Thor?

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