Ariana Grande works with homophobic organization

Ariana Grande has a big heart and she recently proved that with her latest project, working with the Salvation Army. She helped out the Kansas City branch at a children’s shelter and had an amazing experience. The faith based organization works hard to help those who are in need, including elders, kids and all people. Ariana of course was honored to team up with the nationwide group that has brought much comfort to those hurting. Here is what she had to say about her amazing experience.

Had the most amazing day volunteering @ The Salvation Army Kansas City Children’s Shelter. Follow @SalvationArmyUS to learn how you can help

I just gained more respect for Ariana by her helping out such a great charity. It is a nice break from the usual ones most celebrities go with. It certainly is one that has a solid history and foundation that helps them do what they do. Maybe Ariana Grande can work with them some more during their busiest season of the year, the holidays. That is when they need the most help and awareness that they can possibly even raise.

How do you feel about Ariana working with the Salvation Army?