Lady Gaga holds ARTPOP Q&A!

Lady Gaga held an extensive Q&A session via Twitter about her upcoming album ARTPOP today. Fans asked a variety of questions and Lady Gaga revealed lots of new information about new songs, tracklisting release date, album cover, the second single, her inspirations, hopes and dreams for this era.

Q: Will there be an album signing?
A: There will be an album signing.  We are figuring out when and where because we have so many things planned, but i insisted!
Q: What are your choices for the next single?
A: There are a lot of choices. I want to choose something thats totally ME! For me, it's about choosing the best song.
Q: What inspired the Lady Gaga head on a swan bit in the Applause video? I do love it in all its weirdness!
A: Inez & Vinnoodh, Brandon Maxwell, and me! We wanted to tell a quick tale of the 'ugly duckling' emerging into the spotlight!
Q: Is there any chance you are going to choose a song we didn't hear yet?
A: There's a chance you haven't heard the next single yet, yes! :)
Q: Are there any songs on the album that are really different from the others?
A: Every song on the album is completely different. I dive deeply into other genres and the collaborations are really authentic.
Q: What's been your favourite time so far performing Applause?
A: MTV VMAs! But im just getting started. I was still in pain from recovery during that one. Now I'm really getting back to my old self.
Q: Are we getting the 2nd single before or after album release?
A: Before, but not too soon! Applause is still holding court for *glampop* spreading glitter with every spin!
Q: Is Jewels & Drugs the only collaboration on ARTPOP?
A: There may be another! ;)
Q: If the album was portrayed through fashion what would it look like? Is there anything that would represent it?
A: I will portray it through fashion, + ARTPOP is about communicating with images. Your ARTPOP fashion statements will portray it too, through the app!
Q: What song is the most significant from the album for you?
A: They're all significant for different reasons. But one song in particular became a confession of my weaknesses. It was hard to write.
Q: What does this album represents to you and how different it is from the others?
A: ARTPOP is a psychedelic-pop journey, an album trip that represents my love of popmusic while exploding and pushing its 'artificial' limits.
Q: Describe the album in one word!
A: ARTPOP is one word. Now, hello! :P
Q: When are we getting the album cover?
A: The album cover is still being perfected and will come out sometime in the next two weeks! *im not allowed to tell you exactly when yet* I will say its my FAVORITE of all my album covers, and I am so excited to show you!
Q: Is there going to be a song about VENUS?
A: Yes.
Q: Did you perform the best songs from the album at iTunes Festival or there is much better stuff on the album?
A: Yes, it gets better and better! You are missing half the album! I saved some real gems.
Q: Is the reason Applause is last on the album because you want a round of Applause at the end, when we hear the full album?
A: Yes! Also I suspected you would party listening to ARTPOP, so I wanted you to know the words to the last song whilst stumbling.
Q: Will the ARTPOP Era be the most colourful?
A: It's hard to predict exactly. but the album cover is very colorful!
Q: ARTPOP is just about psychedelic-pop party or there are other songs which deals with private things like Swine?
A: I combine those 2 things. All the songs are private. One song *Brooklyn Nights*, you can dance to it, but it's melancholy and personal!
Q: Will the Songs on ARTPOP sound completely other than at the iTunes festival? Are there any similarities?
A: There will be strong similarities, but studio versions really bring those sweeping synths and pop melodies into another dimension.
Q: When are we getting the tracklisting?
A: I'll release the tracklisting on the September 29th!
Q: Will any of the unreleased tracks we've heard (like Nothing On But The Radio) be on ARTPOP?
A: I have been known to unearth hidden gems and give them ARTPOP MAKEOVERS. ;)
Q: What's your favorite memorie while you made the album?
A: Working with TI, Too $hort, Twista! Staying up all night in Singapore, Thailand, South Africa! Yesterday... SO MANY!
Q: I know ARTPOP is about fashion, music, & art but you drop a lot of technological hints. How is technology inspired in this album?
A: The Haus of Gaga has built some beautiful fashion/technology that will be unveiled as soon as we receive permits to exhibit it!
Q: Why was yesterday a favorite memory for you?
A: Because Ive been able to purely focus on ARTPOP with no tour, or surgery, or recovery. It was just me being happy finishing songs/writing new ones!
Q: Which song was inspired by Taylor Kinney?
Q: Is your next shocking moment already planned?
A: I never design things to be shocking, people just think they are.
Q: So you actually wrote new songs yesterday?!
A: Why not! Who knows where the winds of creativity will take you!
Q: When will the ARTPOP APP be released?
A: November 11th.
Q: Did Backplane make the ARTPOP APP?
A: No, the APP was designed by the TECHHAUS, Haus Of Gaga. You will meet them at the artRAVE.
Q: What drove you and the Haus Of Gaga to make the Lady Gaga Is Over video?
A: I wanted to say it before everyone else did. I knew they would. ARTPOP is about rebelling against things that chain popmusic!
Q: Is ARTPOP an attempt to revive The Fame/The Fame Monster's era?
A: It's a continuum.
Q: Thing you loved the most while doing/recording ARTPOP?
A: Partying! Laughing! Dancing! Total freedom.
Q: So ARTPOP is a rebellious album?
A: Yes.
Q: Are you a hippie or a gypsy? Or both?
A: Glamour hippy gypsy!
Q: I've been wondering which song is the most creative on ARTPOP?
A: Thats a good question! A few songs you haven't heard yet, and also „Aura“ and „Sex Dreams“.
Q: Why did you choose 'Applause' as your 1st single?
A: My label chose it. I like it for making an artistic statement while being catchy. I appreciate they recognized ARTPOP's longevity.
Q: How many songs will there be on ARTPOP?
A: Fifteen. More if you download the APP! :)
Q: Are there other songs about NYC on ARTPOP or just „Brooklyn Nights“?
A: Just „Brooklyn Nights“. I needed a whole box of tissues for that song and a hug under a disco ball. But im always influenced by NY, I've never changed. Fame never solved my problems, but New York always does!
Q: I think you like the Venus wig the best, huh?
A: Well, lately Venus has been a bad girl!
Q: Are you excited for the Glee cover of Applause?
A: Yes, I heard Adam Lambert is doing it! I'm so excited! He's very talented and perfect for the song cause he's a glammer!
Q: Does the song TEMPLE have religious connotations?
A: No. But, it's about feeling safe with someone so beautiful on the inside and out. Like Venus making love to a God. Protection.
Q: Why do you care so much about Venus and March for this Era?
A: I think because my life has changed so much in 5 years, I crave something human. Love. The kind I'm experiencing is otherworldly.
Q: Are you proud of us?
A: Every second of every day.
Q: When you were recording late at night, what made you keep going despite of the exhaustion & the pain?
A: Writing music is like a drug, it keeps me up and I go numb with excitement.
Q: What exactly is „Brooklyn Nights“ about, just give us a hint. Your Brooklyn boy wants to know!
A: „I always thought it was you, you always thought it was me. We always thought we were, it seemed like a real perfect fit. Those brooklyn nights set us free.
Q: And we are proud of you for doing whatever is on your mind. You are very brave for sharing your creativity with today's media.
A: It's weird when people say I should be 'less creative.' Female pop is a very strict party!
Q: Can you please give us some info about the artRAVE?
A: The artRAVE will be HUGE EVENT held the night of my album release. With exhibitions and a performance by me!
Q: How will ARTPOP change the world of pop?
A: I intend to rebel against the current state of pop. We shall see.
Q: What kind of games will be on the ARTPOP App? You mentioned games in the interview with KIIS FM.
A: The games are creative and interactive and they will relate to your social media.
Q: You will use the fiberoptic wig on ARTPOP?
A: Yes.
Q: Which song was originally for Born This Way?
A: Actually not one! Surprising.. no leftovers!