Glee to capitalize on manufactured Katy/Gaga feud in an episode

The first episode back from the hiatus after the Cory Monteith tribute episode is called "A Katy or A Gaga." The episode will include the introduction of Adam Lambert's character ("Starchild") and will be Demi Lovato's second episode.

Song spoilers

Roar - Unique, Jake, Sam, Marley, Tina, Artie, Ryder, Kitty, Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, Santana, Dani (Demi Lovato) and Starchild (Adam Lambert):

Applause - Sam, Marley, Artie, Ryder and Blaine:

Wide Awake - Tina, Unique, Jake and Kitty:

Marry The Night - Starchild (Adam Lambert):