billy crudup (likegunfire) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
billy crudup

Wendy Williams: untalented JLo is as iconic/prettier than Mariah

On today's Wendy Williams show, Wendy claims Jennifer Lopez is PRETTIER than Mariah & just as ICONIC. She also claims neither of their spouses are attractive. Plus she spills that Jennifer Lopez has no talent.

Watch starting at 7 minutes in to see Wendy trash both JLo & Mariah

Wendy asks her audience "Who is prettier to you: Mariah or Jennifer Lopez? I think Jennifer, too."

"I think who is more iconic: [Jennifer Lopez or Mariah Carey]? I used to say Mariah too, however the way that Jenny from the block has turned her thing around, she's an equal icon.
We know Jennifer can't sing but we also know she's not the most beautiful Puerto Rican girl in the Bronx....[those girls] are gorgeous before alleged nose jobs...what I admire about her is that she has turned randomness into something iconic...."

Tags: jennifer lopez, mariah carey, wendy williams
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