Lorde Readies for Miley Fan Threats as “Royals” Tops “Wrecking Ball”

The achievement of reaching the top of iTunes’ US Singles Chart illustrates the warm American response to New Zealand’s breakout singer-songwriter Lorde.

Thursday morning, “Royals” finally eclipsed Katy Perry’s smash “Roar” to claim the number two spot on the sales chart. By Thursday afternoon, it had done the same to Miley Cyrus’ number one smash “Wrecking Ball,” thus establishing itself as the hottest-selling song in America.

Lorde might never be a literal royal, but in advancing to the top of yet another key music chart, her hit single is certainly reigning dominantly over the music world.

But the hurdle Lorde’s hit single “Royals” leaped on its way to the throne was sure to draw ire from a very passionate fanbase.

As soon as news of “Royals”‘ ascent broke, a segment of Cyrus’ diehard fans–known as “Smilers”–Tweeted aggressive insults at the teenage New Zealand singer-songwriter.

From comments about her looks, to requests that she kill herself, to calls (and threats) for murder, the segment of fans made its displeasure with Lorde’s ascent abundantly clear.

Showing an awareness of–and light attitude towards–the hostile reaction, Lorde referenced the threats in a celebratory Tweet about “Royals.”

“wo #1 on US itunes,” wrote Lorde. “even if it lasts an hour i feel HAPPY. downside is all these miley fans telling me they’re gonna stab my rotting corpse.”

The real kicker–and a consideration point for enraged Cyrus fans–is that Lorde offered very early and very public support of “Wrecking Ball.”

Shortly after the tune released, Lorde wrote, “New miley is SO on point with verse and pre-chorus melodies…perfecting that nursery rhyme melody thing that makes good pop songs repulsively hooky.”


Aggravate dem!!