Zac Efron: How He Hid His Alleged Drug Addiction From The World

Zac, a seemingly straight-laced star, shocked everyone when it was revealed by his camp that he went to rehab to deal with an alleged drug addiction to cocaine and Molly! Now a source tells how Zac was able to hide such a dark secret from the world!

Zac Efron has proved himself to not be as perfect as everyone once thought. The actor went to rehab because he was reportedly experimenting with serious drugs and he even allegedly missed days of filming his upcoming movie Neighbors because of his hard partying. But if it was even affecting his career, how did the news of his addictions not get out? has the answer.

Zac is said to be “happy and not drinking,” according to his rep. But a deep, dark struggle with a drug addiction almost reportedly cost him his career. But even though he managed to go to rehab five months ago, get better and still continue making movies, we’ve learned how he hid it for so long.

“Zac is really good at keeping it together,” the source tells us. “He’s a huge control freak and has always been obsessed with keeping his partying on the down low, this getting out is his worst nightmare. He cares so much about keeping his private life private.”

The source even added that Zac has a girlfriend, who is not famous, and he’s managed to keep that a secret as well.

“Zac’s young and he likes to party,” the source says. “But it’s pretty standard in this town, everyone dabbles in drugs, it’s just a part of young Hollywood. Most of them just hide it well and Zac is a perfect example of that.”

We told you that Zac’s alleged struggle with drugs started on the set of Seth Rogen‘s Neighbors. In the flick, Zac plays the President of a frat house.

Zac reportedly missed several days of shooting because of his addiction to Cocaine and Mollly, according to TMZ.