Kris Jenner Lands Nasty Review On eBay: ‘Received Item Dirty With Makeup On It And Fingerprints All

Kris Jenner sells used items on eBay but recently she’s received a few less-than-positive feedback notes regarding her products, including one that claims to have received “dirty” sunglasses with “makeup on it and fingerprints all over it,” is exclusively reporting.


The buyer purchased Tom Ford black frame oval sunglasses described as “pre-owned” for $202.50 after out-bidding 20 other people.

“Kris’s own black oval sunglasses from Tom Ford. These classic oval sunglasses with gold accents are a must-have for the summer,” the ad described the shades for auction. “Gold T accent on sides with miniature Tom Ford plate. Black gradient lenses with purple tint. Stand out from the crowd with these fashionable sunglasses!”

And standout, they did — because buyer cbry6010 wrote Kris’ first negative feedback review on eBay on August 29.

The same buyer then left a “neutral” review that same day on a halter top purchased in Jenner’s site.“Received item dirty with makeup on it and fingerprints all over it,” the note read.

“Not Worth what I paid Looks Cheap,” they wrote.

Another buyer also left a neutral review last week alleging that the description of the item and what they actual received were two very different things.

Jenner isn’t the only one in the Kardashian clan with eBay pages selling used items — Khloe Kardashian also has a site selling used items like lingerie and sports bras, but unlike her mother, has no negative reviews in the last 12 months and only one neutral review.“There was more wrong with this blouse than the description implied,” buyer amysaprincess wrote.

Would you ever buy a used item from the Kardashians?