Cocaine with every GTA5 purchase from Australian EB Games store

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n EB Games store in Australia was discovered to be giving away fake cocaine at last night’s midnight release of Grand Theft Auto V.

The story broke when a Reddit user (who has since deleted his or her account) posted a photo of the store’s sales desk covered with packets and lines of white powder with the title:

“Local EB Games (Australia) giving out free ‘cocaine’ for all GTA V preorders.”

Kotaku’s Mark Serrels found out that the fake blow was a decision made by the store’s management team and no at EB Games’ corporate office knew anything about the “promotion.”

We can only assume that the store manager went through with the risky marketing tactic thinking that there wouldn’t be any young children at a midnight release on a weekday.

The game also received a rating of “R18+” in Australia, which is the equivalent of an AO (Adults Only) rating in the U.S.

The reason you haven’t seen many games with that rating is because it’s a step above the M-rating, the equivalent of an R-rating for movies and the usual rating given to most games geared for mature audiences.

While the amount of youngsters that showed up to the release is yet to be revealed, we hope that no children got word of these inner-city goody bags. Who knows what they might do if they got a hold of the older kids’ toys?

They might even put them up their noses or something.

Source: elitedaily

have you guys bought GTA 5 yet? i want to get it but exams are so close T_T I saw some gifs where one player kicked down a cow and another flipped a police car with a tractor