Cheyenne Jackson Made A J/O Video. ONTD Collectively Orgasms

It’s about damn time Cheyenne Jackson starred in something worth watching!

This man began his career as a total dreamboat, snagging hearts while skating circles around an Off-Broadway stage in the award-winning stage adaptation of Xanadu. He won several awards opposite Kerry Butler and even had a moment in the spotlight at the 2008 Tony Awards.

Then, he starred in Finian’s Rainbow. Blegh.

After that, he thought he was hot shit because he landed a recurring role in 12 episodes of 30 Rock. This is around the same time he became pretentious and started acting like a real asshole actor. Then, Cheyenne Jackson landed a role on Glee. Maybe he was a teacher or a choir coach or something—who knows? We only watch Glee for the half-naked homoerotic shit anyway.

Today, Cheyenne Jackson stars in the role he was born to play: A man making an amateur jerkoff video with his cell phone in a hotel room to send to his boyfriend. Aww! It’s the latest stunt in his midlife crisis, right behind growing a mustache, covering his body with prison tattoos and divorcing his husband to live in West Hollywood with a young boy toy.

The only thing more hilarious than this actual video is the fact that some refuse to believe it’s actually Cheyenne Jackson. We’re going to go ahead and say that it is—you can clearly see one of his brand new prison tattoos in the video, and oh yeah—he shows his fucking face at the end!

Video will not embed so go to Source 2 to watch. Screenshots were the best I could get.

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