26 Famous People Who Met Their Spouses At School

These well-known couples have somehow managed to conquer the ins and outs of fame. Stay strong, people!

Bill & Hilary Clinton


How they met: Both Hilary and Bill attended Yale University, they started dating in 1971. Hilary even stayed an extra year in college to spend time with her future husband.
Married: 38 years

Paula Patton & Robin Thicke


How they met: Paula and Robin met at a teen night club when they were 16. They dated throughout high school and married in 2005.
Married: 20 years

Samuel L. Jackson & LaTanya Richardson


How they met: They met during college when Samuel attended Morehouse and LaTanya attended Spelman.
Married: 33 years

Tyler Pose and Seana Gorlick


How they met: They were middle school sweethearts.
Married: Recently engaged

Prince William & Kate Middleton


How they met:
Both William and Kate went to the University of St. Andrews, the two began dating in 2002.
Married: 2 years

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