#PlanetBRITNEY - Work Bitch Director Responds To Britney & Official GMA Watch Post

On September 16 at 12am after the world was introduced to Work Bitch officially, after the early leak, Britney (or her management, or whomever you choose to believe. Who cares) tweeted Ben Mor. Who is the director to her anticipated Music Video about getting to #WorkBitch for her impatient fans. He finally responded... Only via Instagram since he doesn't have a Twitter.

LIVE FEED ON BS.COM: http://britneyspears.com/splash

Britney is set to take over GMA for a huge spectacle to not only announce her Vegas Residency but if rumors are correct. Give us the first official performance of her new single Work Bitch. below are two images of the tents that have the Planet Hollywood logo and the official Trending Topic #PlanetBRITNEY. As well as a letter the attendees to the event received about what they will be contributing to said television event. What will they spell out? Any ideas to the two images?


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