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Watch the First 7 Minutes of Survivor: Blood vs Water!

Pitting 10 returning players against their loved ones, Survivor: Blood vs. Water premieres on Wednesday, September 18 on CBS, followed immediately after by the Big Brother 15 season finale. And it promises to be the most twist-heavy Survivor season ever. You can watch the first seven minutes of the premiere right here and right now!

The 10 pairs are dropped off in 10 different locations to spend the night by themselves as part of the new Day Zero twist. How will they react once the realize they are on their own out in the elements without any food, water, or supplies? Which returning player is already boasting that, “The loved ones aren’t gonna be prepared and I’m gonna slit their throats”? Which other returning player is already turning on his loved one (“She’s a threat to me. At some point in time I’m going to have to get rid of her.”)? And why is Kat from Survivor: One World obsessed with besting her Big Brother-winning boyfriend (“It is the most important thing in my entire life to beat Hayden Moss.”)?

And most importantly of all, will Jeff Probst begin the season on land, at sea, or in the air? Watch the first seven minutes and see for yourself by clicking on the video player at the source below.


More excited for these returnees compared to last season's flop "favorite" cast.
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