Nicole Julian Cries Poverty. Judge Won't Let Her Vaccinate Her Twins.

Tammy Lynn Michaels to Ex Melissa Etheridge: You Have To Support So Many Households Because YOU BROKE SO MANY HOUSEHOLDS!

Tammy Lynn Michaels is again complaining about her financial situation, even though she received a huge settlement from former partner Melissa Etheridge just a year ago.

“My insides are exploding. No insurance means surgerys gonna co$t; 1/2 mil in debt and here comes more,”
Michaels wrote her Twitter followers on Friday.

Superstar singer/songwriter Etheridge and Michaels were registered domestic partners in California. Using an anonymous sperm donor, the couple had two children, Johnnie Rose and Miller, which Michaels carried.

Their divorce-like settlement was highly contentious following their 2010 split, and was finalized on June 11, 2012 with Michaels receiving $23,000 a month in spousal and child support plus half of Etheridge’s record royalties which at the time put an estimated additional $60,000 a month in Michaels’ pocket.

Her troubles, Michaels says, include “continuous ovarian cysts that rupture, and an appendix that seems to be having fits.” She also offered a supporter a souvenir of her upcoming surgery.

“Want my rotten ovary when its out? Maybe make it a conversational centerpiece?”

She and Etheridge have continued to battle over custody issues and were in court again as recently as last month where the judge refused to modify the custody agreement in which both parents must agree on all healthcare decisions for the children. Michaels had filed a motion for modification so she could vaccinate her children who recently started public school. Therefore, the twins WON’T be vaccinated.