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Russell Simmons to André Leon Talley:‘I’ve done more for blacks in fashion and gay rights' than you'

André Leon Talley called out Russell Simmons for depicting Harriet Tubman making a sex tape in a comedy video he produced, during his interview this week with theGrio.

The former Vogue editor-at-large said that Simmons should be banned from front rows of fashion shows this season for his role in the controversial project.

“I think anyone that is a person of achievement on the front row that has achieved a great deal, be they black or white, is a good thing,” Talley told theGrio.

Simmons has apologized both publicly and privately to descendants of Tubman for the parody, but his mea culpa is insufficient as far as Talley is concerned.

“I don’t think Russell Simmons should be seated on anybody’s front row this week after having done that disgusting Harriet Tubman sex tape. He is a man of great achievement. He is a great philanthropist….why would he think it would be an honorable thing to do? He said he thought it was funny. That is not funny it is outrageously disrespectful to the legacy and history of Harriet Tubman and to the struggle.”

Moments ago, Simmons took to Twitter to apologize to Talley and also issue some criticism.

A little reminder...

russell simmons just doesn't shut up
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