Lindsay Lohan's Wardrobe Malfunction

After Dina Lohan was arrested for DWI on Sept. 13, Lindsay rushed to her side to offer support, but it looks like Lilo’s the one who needs it!

We may have to retire the term “sideboob.” Lindsay Lohan officially pulled off the wildest, most gratuitous display of sideboob in the history of sideboob while walking into her mom Dina Lohan’s house on Sept. 13. At this point, does Lindsay even need to wear a shirt?

Cameras snapped away as the 27-year-old star walked up to the family home, her loose-fitting black tank top blowing from side to side and leaving no doubt whatsoever that Lilo was going braless.

With the slit of her tank extending almost all the way to her waist, Lindsay was more or less wearing a thin sheath rather than a shirt. You can see the result — quite possibly the most shocking example of sideboob ever (and this one picture definitely takes the sheen off of Lindsay’s 2012 Playboy photoshoot).

But at least Lindsay was just going easy and breezy at home. Who doesn’t show a little sideboob within the comforts of their family house?