Wolverine's Classic Yellow Costume WAS going to be in The Wolverine

This summer's franchise sequel The Wolverine was originally supposed to feature Logan (Hugh Jackman) suiting up in his signature X-Men suit, but if you've seen the movie, you know they keep this Mutant superhero more down to Earth. We now have a look at one of the costumes that was being considered for The Wolverine, which consists of a classic yellow and black helmet and gloves, and would have tied into the costumes worn in X-Men: First Class.

Thanks to MovieWeb reader, Gil Brooks, we've got Legacy Effects digital modeler and sculptorAdam Ross, who has worked on such recent genre fare as Iron Man 3, Pacific Rim, RoboCopand Oblivion offering a look at the suit that would have been worn by Hugh Jackman had they decided to include his costume in the movie. It was made with the use of a 3D printer. Check out the suit, with a comment from Ross about the creation of this awesome looking armor.

"This is the costume that I modeled for The Wolverine. It was unused in the final cut of the film. Everything in the box is digitally modeled and 3d printed. There is no cloth or leather used in these parts, but rather texturing added in ZBrush. (Photo shown with permission)"