The Celebrity Nursing Home Yearbook

I came across a website that is holding a contest for the best photoshop skills in making celebrities look like sagging senior citizens.

Angelina Jolie

Amanda Bynes

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Leo DiCaprio (sup Tom Hanks)

Lindsay Lohan (Grandma Firecrotch).

Gwyneth Paltrow

John Travolta

Mariah Carey (kinda looks better than she does now)

Another Lindsay Lohan

Alanis Moirresette

Kelly Clarkson


Charlize Theron

Clive Owen

Reese Witherspoon

Stephen Colbert

Julia Roberts

Gwen Stefani (rofl, no comment)

And for shits and giggles...

The walking corpose of Victoria Beckham

Check out the site for the rest: Source