Isaiah Washington Says There Was An Agenda To Make Him Seem Homophobic

Damn, even Michael Jackson was in on it! How dare anyone be up in arms about your choking your co-star, and calling another one a "little fa--ot".

"At the time, of course. Who wouldn’t? I was just trying to tell the truth, but it was incredibly hard to try and stand up for myself and for my team to get the record straight. At the time, I was the largest African-American in the public eye (lol). I was on the most successful show in America at the time. It wasn’t hard to latch the story on me and have it go viral around the world. What was hard was that the story was never accurate. It wasn’t right. Some people used the platform to spread their own agenda. Those people didn’t get what they wanted in the end. Perez Hilton said the F-word to Will.I.Am and got hit in the face. He then went beyond the call of duty to apologize to me [for his condemnation]…

When [the incident] happened, I was single-handedly desegregating the NOH8 campaign because I told them directly, “you’re making the gay issue and civil liberties and civil rights like it’s a white issue. You need to Blacken it up.” I was the first Black celebrity to take a photo with the NOH8 tattoo on my face, but no one cared because Michael Jackson died, and because they wanted to hurt someone…

There’s no record of using the F-word or anything negative about me in the news for the last six years. I didn’t turn out to be this homophobic train wreck or whatever the agenda was at the time to make me.
I am pretty much the same person for trying to get this thing called humanity at the forefront, you know? We have to be healing ourselves. So that’s pretty much what I have to say on that.”

– Isaiah Washington speaking with BET’s out reporter Clay Cane about whether he felt villiefied and the fallout from insulting Grey’s Anatomy costar T.R. Knight with a homophobic slur