Ed Sheeran and other musicians who date above their stations


Don't get us wrong, we're a little bit obsessed with Ed Sheeran but even we could hardly believe it when he recently revealed that he was dating Ellie Goulding at this year's MTV Video Music Awards.

In an interview with US radio station Clock 98.9 he said: 'I mean, normal people don't hold hands if they're just friends.'

However, their fling was short-lived, as Ed then went on to say: 'It was going on. And now it's not.' Still, we reckon dating Ellie is pretty impressive - especially as she's considered one of the hottest women in the UK's music industry. Well done, Ed.


Jay-Z may have 99 problems, but a gorgeous wife isn't one of them. Ok, so we all know that Jay-Z is basically a legend, but even he is punching above his weight a little bit with Beyoncé.


Let's face it - Rihanna is stunning and Chris Brown just isn't. The pair may not be dating now, but everyone thought that RiRi could do better when they were together...


Maybe this picture (taken in 2004) pinpoints the exact moment that Britney Spears realised she was too good for Kevin Federline.


Ronnie Wood may be a musical legend, but he's certainly punching above his weight with his stunning wife Sally Humphreys.

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